A Spell To Remember A Past Life

A Spell To Remember A Past LIfe

¡Ayúdame y comparte!

Have you ever wondered who you might have been in a past life? Felt inexplicable yet undeniable bonds with certain eras, places or people? Do you experience unshakable déjà vu in unfamiliar locales, suggesting this may not be your first go-around on Earth?

You're not alone, my spiritually curious friend. Many philosophies and faith traditions believe our souls incarnate across multiple lifetimes to learn, grow and evolve. Makes sense, right? One short spin around the cosmic wheel seems far too quick to master everything this intricate universe has to teach us.

If you resonate with the idea of reincarnation, you may be intrigued to discover who “you” were before. Well, I’m thrilled to tell you that magic makes it possible to find out!

Yes, you can use a simple spell to unveil memories and insights from your soul’s past adventures. Let’s take a mystical journey through time, space and consciousness expansion, shall we? Just a quick cosmic jaunt to discover an ancient version of yourself!

Gather Your Time Travel Tools

To take this astral ride requites just a few magical items:

  • A candle (blue for wisdom, purple for psychic vision)
  • Calming incense like lavender or sandalwood
  • A special crystal like selenite to access higher consciousness
  • Pen and paper to record messages
  • Comfy space where you won’t be disturbed

Optional extras can include past life oracle cards, hypnotic music, sage to clear energy. Anything that helps relax and expand your awareness is great!

The Past Life Remembrance Ritual

Once you’re settled into your tranquil temple:

  1. Light the candle and incense, then hold your crystal in both hands to begin aligning your present consciousness with all lifetimes.
  2. Close your eyes, focus on your breathing and mentally repeat: “I am eternal spirit. I call on my higher soul wisdom to reveal memories from another life.”
  3. Pay close attention to any visions, physical sensations, emotions or messages that flow in response. Let them wash over you without expectation or judgment.
  4. What era do you find yourself in? What role do you play? Who are you closest to? Jot down details for later interpretation.
  5. When ready to return, express gratitude for what was revealed, then visualize closing the past life portal.

Take time afterwards to integrate this newly unearthed soul knowledge. What purposeful lessons or passions might you carry into the present? Perhaps residual talents too?

Most importantly, allow your discovered past self to deepen compassion for your current journey. You’re an eternal being gaining hard-won wisdom over lifetimes!

Bonus: Meet A Past Life Guide

Want more mystic mentoring from the beyond? Try invoking a past life guide! Close your eyes, visualize an ancient version of your higher spirit, and lovingly request their cosmic counsel to illuminate your path ahead.

Pay close attention to any advice that flows in on levels subtle or direct. This spirit ally definitely has wisdom worth integrating!

Remember, You Are Eternal

However many times your eternal soul has incarnated here or elsewhere in the multiverse, the same timeless essence remains: YOU, awakening to boundless love, joy and understanding through experience.

I hope this spell brings a glimpse of your soul’s profound continuity, but more importantly the peace and purpose it reveals for your life today. Just one chapter in your neverending cosmic adventure!

Now, have YOU had glimpses of past lives? Share below! Who knows what destined reconnections we may make. Until next time, all my love across space and time!

¡Ayúdame y comparte!

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